Hire Professional a to Install Window Treatments

Apr 19, 2022

Yes. You Definitely Should Hire a Professional to Install Window Treatments.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘How hard can it be to install blinds or window coverings?’, or ‘Why pay someone to do what I can do?’

We certainly don’t want to quash anyone’s enthusiasm for DIY projects because, hey…WE are DIY’ers ourselves! That being said, our decades of experience have proven that since there are so many factors involved in choosing and installing window treatments that hiring a professional is usually the most cost-efficient course of action.

The #1 reason is because you can get FREE INSTALLATION when you purchase window treatments in Baton Rouge or Lafayette. So, if that is enough reason, feel free to quit reading and just call (225) 434-4069 and speak with Brandon Barton or Sana Ellis in the Baton Rouge area, or (337) 467-8146 to speak with April Becquet in Lafayette, LA.

But if you are a die-hard DIY’er and still need more convincing, read on!

Reason #2 – There Are So Many Options That You May Never Choose One

Since there are nearly limitless options for each of the 4 fundamental window coverings – BlindsShadesShutters, and Drapes – a do-it-yourself novice may get trapped in an almost endless maze of colors, patterns, textures, fabrics, thicknesses, motorization, and lift configurations. In other words, you may simply have too much information to make a choice.

Our experienced professionals will provide expert guidance to help you narrow down the options for each window treatment. They’ll come to your home or place of business and survey each room to determine the most efficient & affordable configuration. Then, our pros will present you with a set of action plans and prices to fit any budget, thus saving your time AND sanity.

Most importantly, our professionals help you avoid buying substandard window coverings and materials, which are normally sold at the big box stores or other retail chain stores!

Reason #3 – Improperly Installed Window Coverings Are Really, Really Noticeable

If the point of installing new window treatments is to improve the overall look of your home, then you certainly don’t want to risk messing up the area around the window. And, honestly, it’s easy to make a mess if you don’t have the proper tools or if your measurements are even slightly off. Our professionals have the experience, knowledge and resources to ensure the proper hardware is used for mounting all window treatments. Speaking of measurements…

Reason #4 – Measuring Ain’t Always As Easy As 1-2-3

Sometimes, getting accurate measurements for window treatments requires a combination of art and science. To ensure the window covering you pick out fits the space, many factors have to be taken into consideration. For example, if a customer wants to “layer” a combination of treatments (like blinds, shades, or shutters covered by drapery), a professional will be able to calculate the optimal measurements for each element. Plus, a pro is experienced with adjusting measurements to compensate for uneven window frames…an extremely common issue in almost every home.

Arched window treatment installationReason #5 – Covering An Arched Window Often Drives a DIY’er Insane

OK, that may be a bit hyperbolic, but we’ve heard of homeowners having a nervous breakdown because they couldn’t get their expensive window treatment to fit correctly in an arched window. Fortunately, our expert installers have the training and experience to tackle any type of arch without even twitching an eye!

As professionals, our goal is to help you choose the blinds, shutters, shades and window coverings that create an energy efficient, warm and inviting atmosphere for each room. And while we understand the DIY mindset, we also understand how difficult it is for amateurs to pull off a successful install. So before you start shopping at the big box stores or browsing online for window treatments that potentially have limitless configurations, contact us for a no-strings-attached consultation. You’ll be glad you did!