Dressing up interior plantation shutters

Apr 19, 2022

On their own, both wooden and faux wood plantation shutters are beautiful enhancements to any room. Yet, sometimes they may need a touch of color or texture to really make them “pop”.

Interior shutters add sophistication, elegance, and a warm natural feel to a living area…plus, they’re the ideal “eye candy” for your visitors. However, sometimes you may want to apply a dash of color or form to make the shutters even more defined. In those cases, consider adding sheer shades, draperies, valances, arches, or even crown molding to frame the existing shutters.

Sheer draperies and shades on interior plantation shuttersOverlay Shutters With Sheer Shades

Adding sheer shades, which are mostly translucent or see-through, to your interior shutters can help to reduce glare and the harshness of direct sunlight. It also provides a small bit of privacy, but without obstructing the overall view. This option works best for rooms where the shutters are normally kept open.

Interior plantation shutters with drapery and curtainsHang Floor-Length Draperies or Curtains

Adding artisan drapery or custom curtains to your plantation shutters is an excellent way to include color, form, and texture to a room. This method also can allow your window treatments to flow with colors & textures of flooring or fabrics in the room. Hanging drapes and curtains is an elegant way to frame large windows that have shutters. On a more practical side, adding curtains or draperies can also provide an extra layer of privacy, UV protection, and control over direct sunlight. A bonus element is that most of the custom draperies can be motorized!

Arch interior plantation shutterFrame Shutters With An Arch

As window treatments go, almost nothing is as eye-catching as an arched window styled with custom plantation shutters! An arch provides a striking visual to any room with a prominent window. Most commonly, this type of structure is a feature built into the home at the time of construction. But it is also a popular add-on during a remodel of kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms.

Add a Top Treatment, Valance or Roman Shade

Sometimes draperies or curtains may be too much for a room. In that case, adding a simple top treatment – like a valance or a simple stationary roman shade – may be a great alternative! This option can help add a bit of color and form, while maintaining a minimalistic appearance of the interior shutters.

Shutters framed with crown moldingFrame the Shuttered Window With Crown Molding

Another way to set prominent windows or a grouping of windows with shutters apart is to create a “frame” around them with decorative crown molding. This option is a relatively inexpensive method of adding beauty and form to a room. The crown molding not only enhances the elegance of the window frame, but also complements the wood texture of the shutters.

The Benefit of Working with K to Z Window Coverings

Any way you want to enhance your windows with interior shutters, our staff can offer insight and guidance throughout the process. WE COME TO YOU for an in-home consultation so that you can see samples of custom window treatments in the space where they’ll actually be hanging! Our expert consultants will leave with precise measurements, and quickly follow up with pricing unmatched by even the big box stores! After you’ve made your design decisions, our experienced installers will soon return for FREE INSTALLATION of your window treatments!

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