Benefits interior plantation shutters

Apr 19, 2022

Interior Plantation Shutters can be an impressive and beautiful addition to the interior of any home, office, or even retail space!

Interior shutters can be custom tailored to fit just about any size, shape, or length of window, making them an ideal window treatment for just about any type of room. Not only do they highlight the windows they surround, but interior plantation shutters are quite functional for both controlling light and reducing energy costs.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider making the investment into faux wood or real wood shutters:

It’s easy to create a unique and customized look around your windows.

By “layering” different types of window coverings, you have endless options for developing a truly personalized style around each window! Adding plantation shutters to a window that already has a window shade is a very simple way to update a room’s personality. If starting with a blank slate, a K to Z Window Coverings representative can help you design a wonderfully unique arrangement of Roman shades, honeycomb shades and a custom plantation shutter to match the overall decor!

Plantation shutters help control the room’s temperature.

Because they are adjustable, interior shutters can help maintain a comfortable temperature no matter the weather conditions. During the winter, simply close the louvers to trap the interior heat and provide an extra layer of insulation for the window. Similarly, during the hot summer months, keep the louvers shut to help insulate the cold air inside, plus block the sunlight from radiating heat into the room.

In the spring or fall, you may want to open the windows to allow fresh, temperate air, yet block the glare of the sun. With plantation shutters, just open the louvers to the appropriate level to get that right balance.

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Interior Window Shutters Add Value to a Home

Adding window shutters inside your home adds to the overall value of your home! Interior plantation shutters are more permanent than blinds or shades, plus custom window shades are a prominent feature of a room, this type of window treatment tends to be worth the investment. If you are selling your home, potential buyers will immediately perceive the intrinsic value of custom interior window shades that have been professionally installed. See our selection of custom shutters

Plantation Shutters are easier to clean than drapes or curtains.

While interior shutters may collect dust – just like horizontal or vertical blinds – it is usually much less effort to clean those types of window treatments compared to drapery or layers of curtains.

Shutters, Window Shutters, Interior Shutters, Wood ShuttersInterior shutters come in real wood, faux wood, or a composite material.

Depending on the type of material chosen for your new shutters, you’ll have a large span of color and coating options. There are also several additional addons available for many types of interior plantation shutters.

Custom interior plantation shutters allow you to enhance and modernize virtually any room without a huge budget or undue effort. In fact, when you order custom window treatments through K to Z Window Coverings, you’ll get FREE INSTALLATION! So, when you are ready for a change, give the experts a call at (225) 434-4069 or request an in-person consultation through our website.

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