We’re living in a wireless world where everything is remote controlled. So why should your window shades, blinds, draperies, curtains, and other window treatments be any different?

Besides being a really cool amenity for your home, adding motors to the most prominent windows provides several other benefits.

Timberblind Motorized OptionsSimplify Your Lifestyle

Motorization helps makes home life a bit easier. No longer would you have to struggle to adjust window shades in those hard-to-reach areas…simply use the remote control! And now when the afternoon sun starts to burst through the window, you don’t have to get up from a relaxing siesta to shut the shades…just click a button to close ’em!

One of the most practical ways motorized window treatments simplify life is having the ability to program the motors to open or close depending on the time of day! That means you don’t have to run around shutting the shades every evening just to get a bit of privacy: the motors remember to do it automatically.

Add Beauty and Safety

Installing a small motor to your window coverings means you can forget about messy dangling cords and unsightly adjustment rods that tend to detract from the beauty of a window. Plus, motorized window coverings add a layer of safety to homes with toddlers and young children. When there are no cords hanging down, there isn’t anything in which the little ones can pull on or get tangled in.

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Somfy myLink App - MotorizationConvenient “Smart” Features

If you like saving money and conserving energy, you will love the solar sensor presets. A Somfy system will automatically adjust the window treatments based on how much sunlight exists! Plus, Somfy offers the myLinkTM app (available on the App Store and Google Play) that enables you to operate your motorized shades anytime, anywhere. And Somfy motors integrate seamlessly into other home automation systems, creating the ultimate smart home.

So whether you want to simplify, beautify, or smartify your household, adding motorization to window treatments like blinds, window shades, sun screens, or even drapes and curtains may be the exactly what you’re looking for!

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