Patio Insect Screens Solar Shade

Block Insects and Pests with Oasis® 2900 Patio Solar Screen Fabrics

With the Oasis® Patio / Outdoor Insect Screens and Shades, you’ll get an attractive patio screen room enclosure that protects from both the glaring sun and irritating insects. The screen fabrics used are specially designed to block insects, bugs, glare and harmful UV rays.

oasis shyzip insect screen solar shadeHow the Oasis® 2900 Patio Insect Screen Stops Insects

The Shy-Zip system is uniquely designed to keep fabric taut and in place, enhancing the functionality of the shade system and making it possible to seal insects OUT. Fabric edges remain in the track, and are heat-sealed to the zipper edge, so there will never be fabric fraying.The bottom rail uses a large, 1″ pliable gasket strip, which is very effective at sealing uneven surfaces on a concrete patio or garage floor, or a floor surface that has texturing or is not level. The bottom rail also seals and protects the fabric edge, so again, there will be no fraying. The system is designed to be durable, and provide many years of service.

Insolroll utilizes time proven SHY Zip technology to seal the edges of the shade. SHY Zip is a product of the SHY Co. Ltd. of Japan, distributed exclusively in North America by its authorized sub-licensees.

Specialized Fabrics for Insect Control

TuffScreen and TuffScreen NoSeeUm screen fabrics are specifically designed to keep insects OUT when the shades are fully lowered. Both fabrics feature very small apertures to stop smaller insects, with NoSeeUm having an aperture small enough to stop the biting midges known as “NoSeeUms” found if coastal Florida and the Caribbean. Although they stop insects from entering, TuffScreen and TuffScreen NoSeeUm fabrics provide excellent view through.


Fabric Choices for Oasis® 2900 Patio Insect Shades

Insect Protection Fabrics

Our highly effective Oasis® 2900 system relies upon fabric design for effectiveness in blocking insects.

  • TuffScreen Fabric- For small insects, specialized fabric with the very small apertures needed to stop gnats and small bugs.
  • TuffScreen NoSeeUm Fabric- For the tiny biting midge, with an aperture small enough to stop the culicoides genus of insect known as “NoSeeUms” that are particularly problematic in coastal Florida and the Caribbean.

In spite of such tiny apertures, TuffScreen and TuffScreen NoSeeUm screen fabrics offer outstanding view through, with 45% and 48% openness respectively.

Solar Protection with Solar Screen Fabrics

palmetto 8 percent screen fabric

Solar Fabrics also stop even the tiniest insects, but offer specific fabric properties for sun protection while maintaining the view to the outside

  • Glare protection
  • Heat protection
  • UV protection
  • Variety of weaves, textures and colors to complement any patio design

Privacy with Translucent Fabrics

Translucent fabrics provide light but no view through, making them an excellent choice for enhancing privacy. Both are water resistant, and provide sun and UV protection.

  • No view-through
  • Water resistance
  • Sun and UV protection
Insolroll shore translucent fabric

Shore Translucent

Shore Translucent takes exterior canvas to a whole new level. This high tensile- and tear-strength fabric provides privacy, sun protection and resistance to rain. Available in 4 colors to enhance any outdoor living area, Shore is solution-dyed for greater wear resistance, excellent color, exceptional weathering behavior, water and oil repellency and mitigation of mold and mildew.

Insolroll season translucent fabric

Season Translucent

Season Translucent features Précontraint Serge Ferrari® technology, which keeps shades flat and beautiful. Waterproof finish coating gives it efficient, long-term protection against bad weather, as well as resistance to stretching, tearing and other deformation


Exterior Fabric Durability

All of our Oasis® fabrics are made with either PVC-coated fiberglass or Polyester to stand up to the elements outdoors. They are designed to be durable in spite of sun and moisture, and will last far longer than many fabrics in pre-made exterior shades.


Retractable Insect Screens

Insolroll patio insect screen solar shadeHave a mosquito-free summer on your patio! With a convenient retractable insect screen to block everything that bugs you, it’ll be much more pleasant to grill, chill, or just hang out…without have to spray yourself down with chemicals!

Our retractable solar insect screens and shades provide you with:

  • Glare, heat, and UV protection
  • Protection from insects and mosquitos
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Motorized operation for ease and convenience
  • Custom sizing for custom fit for any covered patio or deck

K to Z Window Coverings sells retractable insect screens for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Covered patios
  • Screened in porch, Screened in patios
  • Movable glass walls like Nana Walls or La Cantina Doors
  • Garage door openings
  • Pass through window
  • Outdoor screened enclosures
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