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Insolroll Elements Decorative Window Shades

Decorative Window Shades provide textured designer fabrics for every window

The Insolroll Elements™ Collection is an expanded and updated decorative 41 new fabric patterns and 131 new colors! The new selection takes the latest design trends into account with 31 grays and interesting textures to meet every decorating style.

Insolroll Elements brings real choice to window shade selection process, with 5 opacity levels:

  1. Sheer:  Light filtering with view-through; objects and colors on the outside can be seen.
  2. Semi-sheer:  Light filtering with partial view-through and varying privacy levels; objects on the outside are partially obscured.
  3. Solar Screen:  Screen fabric with precise openness and technical properties; object visibility varies with openness and color.
  4. Translucent:  Light filtering with no view-through; object shadows may be visible.
  5. Blackout:  Opaque fabric with no view-through; objects are not visible.

Decorative Privacy Window Shades for Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Semi-sheer, translucent, and blackout shades may all be ideal for rooms requiring more privacy and natural light coming through.  Privacy in bedrooms requires a more subjective decision based upon the amount of light desired and whether shadows are acceptable. The key to the Insolroll Elements™ collection is bringing more texture and pattern to the window.

Decorative Sheer Window Shades filter sunlight to create warm atmosphere

Insolroll offers an array of decorative sheer, solar screen and semi-sheer shades to allow daylight to enter a room while providing daytime privacy.   Insolroll Elements™ window shade collection includes subtle patterned fabrics, woven natural textures, and plain solid colors.

Coordinated Translucent and Blackout Window Shade Fabrics

Several of our semi-sheer and translucent fabrics coordinate with blackout fabrics making fabric selections easier throughout projects requiring both types of fabrics.  These fabrics can be combined on a single window for dual shade applications.

We proudly feature products Made in the USA
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