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Insolroll Solar Window Shades For Commercial Applications

If your business office needs Glare Control, Light Management,  UV Protection for Merchandise, and Energy Savings, then Insolroll® Commercial Solar Screen Shades may be the ideal solution for your school, retail business, hotel, restaurant, or medical facility! Insolroll® Solar Screen window treatments can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays from entering the store space, while still allowing a view through the windows, depending on the density of the fabric chosen. See the commercial image gallery

High quality solar screen roller shades are the perfect window treatment choice for hospitals and healthcare, schools and universities, office and conference rooms, hospitality and hotel industry, restaurants and retail stores. They provide increased energy efficiency, durability, and cleanability in addition to heat, glare and UV control.

Business Benefits of Commercial Solar Screens and Shades

Our solar screens and solar shades allow as much natural light into a space as possible while controlling heat and glare, and maintaining the user connection to the outside world. Insolroll offers a wide range of solar screen fabric and hardware choices to provide a host of options for any office, school, healthcare, retail or restaurant application.

  • Increase energy efficiency, reduce cooling costs
  • Allows in the natural daylight
  • Decreases the need for artificial light
  • Durable and Trouble-free maintenance
  • Decrease glare and discomfort of workers
  • Protect carpet, inventory, and other furnishings from fading and discoloration
  • Workers get a connection to the outdoors
  • Increases employee and customer satisfaction

Commercial Gallery

Building with Shades of Green

Performance: Solar Screen Shades aid in conserving energy, increasing thermal comfort and controlling heat and glare while maintaining connectivity to the outdoors.

  • Energy-efficient SilverScreen and EnviroScreen fabrics
  • Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified Fabrics
  • PVC-free Solar Screen and Blackout fabrics
  • Certified Recyclable Fabric options

Commercial Window Treatments

Dental Office commercial solar ShadesHospital and Healthcare Window Treatments

  • Fabrics that meet Health Care standards
  • Solar Screen Shades, Privacy/Room Darkening Shades & Translucent Shades for privacy and daylighting
  • Safety standards- Child Safety, Fire Retardant, Anti-Microbial
  • Control scenarios for single rooms, shared spaces, building level control

Charleston Library commercial solar ShadesSchool & University Window Treatments

  • Glare control for classrooms and common areas
  • Audio-Visual Blackout Shades
  • Safety standards- Child Safety, Fire Retardant
  • Durable and cleanable
  • Visual connection to outside environment

Insolroll Shades - Commercial SolarOffice & Conference Room Window Treatments

  • Work setting glare control
  • Audio-Visual Blackout and Dual Shades with Solar Screens
  • Control scenarios for individual offices, zone control and whole building integration
  • High performance Solar Shades save energy

Insolroll Shades WorkoutHospitality & Hotel Window Treatments

  • Guest room dual shades for privacy and light filtering
  • Window treatments for common areas and their functions
  • Ballroom and meeting room window treatments and Audio-Visual shades
  • Control scenarios for guests and management

Restaurant Insolroll commercial solar ShadesRestaurant Window Treatments

  • Make customers comfortable
  • Durable, attractive window treatment
  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Maintain view and connection to outside
  • Custom Printing on shades available

Retail Insolroll Shades - commercial solarRetail Store Window Treatments

  • Glare control for patrons and service people
  • Ambience and light control for the perfect setting
  • Protecting merchandise from UV Rays
  • Printed shades provide additional signage
  • Control Scenarios for single shades or groups of shades

Digital Printing for Roller Shades

Insolroll offers digital printing on solar screen and blackout fabric shades. Imagine the possibilities to improve corporate identity and use window graphics as a design element in commercial applications. Digital printing on shades facing the building exterior is the perfect way for many business to replace traditional promotional posters and signage that look unsightly from the inside with a high quality retractable product that still allows view through.

Printing can be on the interior or exterior of the shade. Replacement shade panels are available for existing shades. Insolroll has in-house capability to produce high quality printing on solar screen shades without filling the holes.

White and light color shade fabrics are recommended to create the most colorful and dramatic effects.

We proudly feature products Made in the USA
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