Grabers new sheer shades

Apr 19, 2022
Graber Sheer Shades at KtoZ Window Coverings

New Sheer Shades Offer a View Like None Other

Graber Blinds, one of K to Z Window Coverings‘ most trusted and innovative partners for window treatments, has recently launched their new line of Sheer Shades. These unique shades soften the sunlight beaming through the window, creating a serene ambiance in any room. In addition to setting a soft mood, the Sheer Shades protect furnishings and artwork from harmful UV rays. See the Image Gallery

About the New Overture Sheer Shades from Graber

Two layers of sheer fabric protect your furniture, flooring, and artwork from damaging UV rays; the supple, lightweight fabric vanes overlap when closed to diffuse the light or block it more completely. Best of all, these shades are woven as one continuous piece of fabric—there are no seams, stitches, or adhesives to mar the look and feel.

The vane sizes for the new Graber shades offer a variety of views, and there are no visible internal lift cords or ladders to distract the eye. When fully raised, the shades disappear completely into an elegant fabric-wrapped cassette valance. By melding gorgeous fabrics and state-of-the-art construction with versatile functionality, Overture Sheer Shades give a virtuoso performance.

Visualize Sheer and Layered Shades in Your Home!

Watch this video to see if Sheer Shades are right for your home’s window treatments, then browse the image gallery below for inspirations. When you’re ready, contact Brandon Barton in the Baton Rouge area or April Goodyear Becquet in the Lafayette area for a personal in-home consultation and custom quote.